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    DIDYMOS Mosaic Summer Doll Sling

    DIDYMOS Mosaic Summer Doll Sling

    $57 USD

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    Now your little one can bring Teddy or Dolly on their little adventures and keep two hands free for the important things like picking flowers, climbing trees, walking the pup, and so much more! 

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      The new Summer Mosaic wrap by Didymos is a great addition to any summer wardrobe. With its pastel colours and intricate weave, Summer Mosaic is as enjoyable to look at as it is to wear. 

      With a complex jacquard weave, the pattern itself is woven into the fabric, instead of just being printed on top. A gorgeous combination of cyclamen, turquoise and teal is blended with white weft yarns, displaying thepattern on both sides.

      Like all DIDYMOS woven wraps, Summer Mosaic displays both quality and reliability. 

      This wrap is a medium weight fabric that provides perfect support in width and length. With its optimal diagonal stretch, it is easy to wrap with, whether for front, back or hip carries.

      Made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with non-toxic dyes, Didymos products are absolutely free from any harmful substances.

      DIDYMOS woven wraps include illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions for various ways of tying and carrying.

       No weight or age restriction.
       Most versatile carrier as there are unlimited carries that can be used!
       Wear on the front, hip and back using one shoulder, two shoulders or torso and back only!
       Facilitates skin to skin newborn wearing, also known as kangaroo care.
       Custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size.
       Fully adjustable and therefore a great option for sharing the carrier with others.
       Ergonomic and facilitates the anatomically correct spread-squat-position (fetal tuck for newborns).
       Great for people with back and shoulder problems since woven wraps distribute weight over both shoulders.
       Great for both casual and extended daily wearing.
       Beautiful designs, colours and organic fibres.
       Tested to the EU and North American ASTM standards.


      Additional information



      Care Instructions

      Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.


      Cyclamen, Turquoise, Teal and White

      Country of Origin


      DIDYMOS Colours

      Mullti-Colour Vibrancy

      Fabric Blend

      100% Organic Cotton

      Fabric Composition

      100% Organic Cotton

      Fabric Weight

      230 g/m²

      Machine Washable?


      Month of Release


      Release Date

      April 24, 2018

      Sizes Available

      Limited Edition All Sizes Available While Quantities Last (Sizes 1-8)

      Style of Carrier

      Woven Wrap

      Warp Colour(s)

      Cyclamen, Turquoise, Teal


      DIDYMOS Patterns

      Weft Colour


      Year of Release


      1 review for DIDYMOS Mosaic Summer Doll Sling

        E**** R******
        My daughter loves her doll sling!
        I'll admit, although my children normally wear their stuffies and dolls, these doll slings have the same potential of use as the play-silks in the imaginary play. We own child wrap slings that are sha...More
        I'll admit, although my children normally wear their stuffies and dolls, these doll slings have the same potential of use as the play-silks in the imaginary play. We own child wrap slings that are shared among the children, but this pretty and soft summer mosaic is the family favourite and treated with much care (partially because of the possessive little owner.)

        Now, there was the time I was awakened at 6 am from the great exultation of the children, having discovered a method of creating an indoor rope swing with three doll wraps. The older ones were standing on a chair with the wrap rope hanging over the rail and tied at the end, was my 3 year old (naked) daughter, screaming hysterically. Although I ended the party without any pause for photos, I can conclude that in event of a fire emergency, children could also use these doll wraps to exit a building, even if they're trapped a few stories high.
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