Trias Copper Cashmere/Linen Woven Wrap

Trias Copper Cashmere/Linen Woven Wrap

$364 USD

Release Date: November 19, 2020
Colours: Grey, Jade Green, Copper
Fabric Composition: 60 % Organic Cotton, 25% Cashmere, 15 % Linen
Fabric Weight: 260 g/m²



Soft, warm, cushy and supportive! Trias Copper from Didymos is woven from a rich tri-blend of the highest quality organic cotton, super soft cashmere and shimmering linen. The impressive colour palette adds to this stunning blend – the warm copper tone of the cotton contrastingly with light grey cashmere and shimmering linen in copper and jade green.

The pattern is the same on both sides yet the colours are reversed adding even more intrigue to the fabric. A beautiful textile

Due to the double weave technique, the heavy weight fabric seems to be much more lightweight than it it really is. It is cushy and mouldable with a very comfortable feel on the shoulders. Supportive with a slightly grippy texture, the wrap will securely hold knots and the fabric will stay in place allowing the wrap to be easily adjusted. Ideal for small and larger babies.

All yarns meet the highest organic standards; all dyes are free from any harmful substances.

Didymos Sizes

DidySling Size 1 (180 cm), Doll Sling / Scarf (300 cm), Size 1 (240 cm), Size 2 (270 cm), Size 3 (320 cm), Size 4 (370 cm), Size 5 (420 cm), Size 6 (470 cm), Size 7 (520 cm), Size 8 (570 cm)


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