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    DidySling Cleo (Org.Cotton)

    DidySling Cleo (Org.Cotton)

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    One cannot deny the convenience of a ring sling. A ring sling allows a parent (or whomever) to comfortably carry baby on the side, front or back and can be used from the newborn stage to well beyond. DIDYMOS has introduced the DidySling, which is their version of a ring sling. The same fabric that is used in the manufacturing of their baby wraps is also used for the DidySling. Two high quality aluminum rings (made in the USA by the fabulous Sling Rings) are attached at one end of the fabric using a “gathered shoulder” style to create the DidySling. The other end of the fabric is then threaded through the rings to create the pouch to carry baby. The DidySling is unpadded which allows the fabric to conform ideally to the shoulder, and the fabric is then easily spread across the back (in the case of the hip and front carries) to evenly distribute baby’s weight. In the end, with a DidySling, baby can quickly, easily and comfortably be carried, hands-free. For the limited edition DidySlings what we have listed on our site is what we have in stock. The size 2 is ideally-suited for most but if you consider yourself Petite, a Size 1 might be better suited.    

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    Size 1 (170-180 cm), Size 2 (200-210 cm)

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