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ELK Market Metal HALO Pendant

ELK Market Metal HALO Pendant

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Consisting of two separate larger links, with two tones and two textures, the Halo pendant is made from 100% recycled Argentium silver. 

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Consisting of two separate larger links, with two tones and two textures, Halo is made from 100 % recycled Argentium silver. Half of each circle is smooth and shiny, while the other half is hammered to a raw, rough texture and then oxidised into a dark grey colour. It will change its appearance over time; the shiny silver will become more dull and grey, and the dark grey will fade into a matte silver colour. This may happen fast or take a long time, all depending on how much it’s used and what it’s put into contact with, but also on how the silver reacts to the wearer’s skin. Halo can be reoxidised at the ELK market metal studio. A halo – ἅλως – is an optical phenomenon where the light from the sun or the moon refracts through ice crystals in a high and thin cloud. It is also a circular crown or disc around the head of sacred persons in the iconography of many different religious traditions.

1 review for ELK Market Metal HALO Pendant

    J**** M*******
    Elk market metal is the best
    I love all my Elk market metal pieces that I've bought through Birdie's Room. Excellent quality, very pretty and simple. These are two separate circles, unlike the other linked pendants
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