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ELK Market Metal LEAF Pendant

ELK Market Metal LEAF Pendant

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Made from 100% recycled Argentium silver that doesn’t tarnish as quick as other types of silver. Hand made, fused and hammered on both sides.

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    ELK Market Metal

    ELK Market is based in the southern parts of Sweden and draws inspiration from all things forest. ELK’s aim is to create durable precious metal jewellery, made especially with the babywearing customer in mind but suitable for all. With focus on recycled and environmentally sustainable materials, these pieces are ready to be worn in a variety of different ways. ELK market metal believes in creating responsibly, with respect for our planet and those who inhabit it. 

    Every piece from ELK market metal is created with purpose and intention. When you receive it, you are free to take from it what serves you, and to go on filling it with a meaning of your own. The story continues with you. 


    ••of chlorophyll••

    ••of being one small part in that which makes the wind sing••

    ••of the apex of life between budding and withering••

    ••of the vivid extension that feeds the trunk, the branches, the roots••

    This piece features three leaves in different sizes, connected by the smallest one, making this a highly versatile and wearable pendant. It can be worn with the clasps of the STRIDE or HOP chain connected to the outer links, or in a number of other constellations. 

    Made from 100% recycled Argentium silver that does not tarnish as quickly as other types of silver. Hand-made, fused and hammered on both sides.

    1 review for ELK Market Metal LEAF Pendant

      J**** M*******
      Elk market metal is the best
      I love all my Elk market metal pieces that I've bought through Birdie's Room. Excellent quality, very pretty and simple.
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