Sunflowers Woven Baby Wrap

Sunflowers Woven Baby Wrap

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Release Date: September 26, 2021
Colours: Dark Blue, Gold, Emerald, Purple
Fabric Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Fabric Weight:  200 g/m²


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“With irresistible charm, they stand tall
Unabashedly seeking the source of their sustenance.
Sunflowers show us the beauty of staying connected
with all that nourishes and sustains us.”

Carry with you and your baby the beauty of Sunflowers! Didymos has artfully combined four colours to create an impressive Sunflower display, including yellow and purple which were historically colour pigments derived from the plant. This new release is woven of the highest quality organic cotton. The fabric is specially woven to include an inherent diagonal stretch which allows for a perfect fit each time.

Didymos Sizes

DidySling Size 1 (180 cm), Doll Sling / Scarf (300 cm), Scarf Full-Width, Size 1 (240 cm), Size 2 (270 cm), Size 3 (320 cm), Size 4 (370 cm), Size 5 (420 cm), Size 6 (470 cm), Size 7 (520 cm), Size 8 (570 cm)


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