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UV Protective Cover (Grey)

UV Protective Cover (Grey)

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SKU: CLPE-OZON/W-GR Category: Babywearing Outerwear


    The Peekaru Ozone™ fits babies from birth through two years’s.  The hood protects tiny heads, while the adjustable bottom cinches up for use with a small baby, and lets out to accommodate your baby’s legs as they grow.The Peekaru Ozone™ is made from 75% recycled material that is OekoTex certified to be free of any chemicals, metal or phthalates, so you can be confident that nothing toxic is touching your baby. Manufactured in the USA and made of material milled in the USA, the Peekaru Ozone comes in white, with a choice of trim colors: pink, sage, gray or blue.

    Our selection for babywearing outerwear are a 4-in-1 design. Through clever design and with special inserts,  each item can be worn during pregnancy, with baby in a front or back carry, and without an insert when travelling solo. Each item includes the inserts to adjust the items for each occasion.


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