The Benefits of Carrying your Baby

Keeping Baby Close with Didymos MegRob
It seems that babywearing is no longer a trend but is rather becoming an integral part of parenting. More and more, parents and caregivers are realizing that babies need intimate connection especially in their first few months, as they adjust to their new world. Taking it further, there are many benefits that come from babywearing.


♥ Helps babies be happier babies. Studies show that babies that are worn, cry and fuss less, and it can be particularly beneficial for colicky babies. Newborn babies particularly benefit greatly from the closeness and warmth.

♥ Strengthens the bond between parent/caregiver and baby.

♥ Aids in the physical and emotional development of baby.

♥ Promotes neural development, respiratory and gastrointestinal health, and helps develop core muscles for balance.

♥ Allows for quick and easy breastfeeding while on the go. Closeness between baby and mum helps can also help boost milk production.

♥ Allows parents and caregivers to be hands-free, making day-to-day tasks easier. Babywearing also allows the freedom to navigate terrain which could be difficult with a stroller.

♥ Brings baby face to face with the wearer which promotes language development and allows baby to interact more intimately.

♥ Lets the wearer see the world through baby’s eyes, and lets baby discover the world from a safe and comfortable vantage point.

♥ Allows for bonding and closeness even with older babies and toddlers.


A DIDYMOS woven wrap is known as the most versatile baby carrier. When you are done using this amazing textile for carrying babies, your DIDYMOS can serve many other functions around the house….blanket, sun shade, hammock, scarf, and so much more! Let your imagination run wild!


Didymos Hammock Katja Woven Wrap


It is encouraging to see the growing number of parents that are showing an interest in woven wraps as their go-to choice of baby carrier. Although some may be intimidated by the long piece of fabric, there are quick steps that make the fabric manageable and wearers are able to quickly execute a carry hold for their babies that is COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE to the size of the baby AND wearer. Furthermore, the wearers will notice the comfort since the weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders and across the back. Baby is held in an optimal position at the wearer’s centre of gravity, making prolonged wearing a possibility. With the growing number of wrap manufacturers, here is what makes DIDYMOS woven wraps and baby carriers so special.


♥ DIDYMOS has been manufacturing their woven wraps since 1972. They are the pioneers of what we see as modern babywearing today and with 45 years of experience, they are a tried, tested and true brand. They paved the way for other brands to follow by developing the sizing model that offers the most flexibility with wearers. It is the sizing model that has become the industry standard used by most other wrap manufacturers. They also created many of the modern basic long wrap carries that are being used today, such as the Front Wrap Cross Carry.

♥ DIDYMOS uses only GOTS-certified organic raw materials, ensuring the highest social and ecological standards. This certification follows the product from the growing and harvesting of the raw materials, all the way through to the labelling. All raw materials are spun, dyed and woven in Germany and Austria, and the entire process happens within a 400 km radius, further controlling any negative environmental impact. Less travel means less burden on the planet, and greater control over the entire manufacturing process.

♥ DIDYMOS, with their years of expertise, has perfected the art of weaving woven wraps. They have created a baby carrier that conforms beautifully to the shape of the wearer and of the baby, which translates into comfort for all. Organic does not mean plain! Didymos has an impressive range of colours and patterns to suit every taste and style. All yarns are dyed in small batches ensuring the best colour saturation and resistance to fading. Didymos is able to achieve intense colours and the dyes remain pure throughout the entire process. The methods used take environmental impacts very seriously and the waters used during the dyeing process are carefully cleaned afterwards rather than simply being dumped with no regard.

♥ All DIDYMOS baby carriers are carefully inspected throughout the many stages of manufacturing. The attention to detail and quality are visible. All carriers include a 3-year manufacturers’ warranty against any defects so customers can feel reassured that they will have a product that will last for many years. Individual carriers can easily stay in a family and be used for multiple children. We really value the concept of buying something once!

♥ DIDYMOS takes many steps to ensure an outstanding product all while worked hard to keep their pricing accessible to as many as possible. Their manufacturing processes come with costs but each step serves a purpose to ensure the highest quality and safest product for baby. Didymos does not do cheap. They do quality! There is something for everyone in terms of budget.


The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps

The Benefits of Babywearing and Didymos Woven Baby Wraps


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