DIDYMOS Woven Wrap Slings and Hybrid Stretch Wraps

Woven wraps / wrap-style carriers are versatile, comfortable, fully-adjustable, suitable for all baby ages and stages. They can be tied in a varity of ways to suit all situations. Tie a Front Carry, Back Carry, or Hip Carry!  Our brand of choice is DIDYMOS, all made to the highest standards and completely made in Germany and Austria. All-organic. Always beautiful! Choose from Woven Wraps or Stretchy/Jersey Wraps. 


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2016 DIDYMOS Prima... 2016 DIDYMOS Prima... 2
DIDYMOS Archives 2016

2016 DIDYMOS Prima Corallina (Hemp Blend)

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DIDYMOS Corallina is woven of 60% organic cotton and 40% hemp, with an approx. weight of 270 g/m². This wrap will carry babies of all sizes, from newborn to toddler! The colour makes us think of sunny days! 
DIDYMOS Indio Kalypso (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Indio Kalypso (Hemp Blend) 2
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DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Prima Kalypso (Hemp Blend)

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Kalypso features the classic DIDYMOS Prima pattern in a gorgeous shade of deep turquoise. Woven in a blend of hemp and cotton, this wrap is perfect for newborns as well as toddlers.
DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp... DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp... 2
Prima Grande

DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp Blend)

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The Prima Grande Pink model features the popular Prima pattern in an extra large version. The idea for it came up during a workshop at the European Babywearing Conference in Bristol!
DIDYMOS Prima Nordic Novel... DIDYMOS Prima Nordic Novel... 2
DIDYMOS Archives 2015

DIDYMOS Prima Nordic Novel (Organic Cotton)

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A new addition to the Didymos Prima family - for those who will appreciate the soft, heavy weight quality of this fabric with its cushy texture and intriguing colour combination. This time, DIDYMOS used heavy weight natural cotton for the warp and combined it with dark blue and dark red cotton yarns for the weft.
DIDYMOS Indio Shades of Blue DIDYMOS Indio Shades of Blue 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Shades of Blue (Hemp/Linen)

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A beautiful tri-blend of cotton with linen and hemp, the fabric features the Prima pattern in an amazing gradation of shades of blue and natural white.  Natural white cotton warp combines with alternating weft yarns: hemp in dark blue and natural white and linen in azur blue and natural white.
DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk) DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk) 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk)

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The name Shobu stands for early summer colours and so perfectly suits this gorgeous combination of red, iris green, emerald green, white and pink alternating in the warp and interweaving with bleached white weft yarns. NEW TO WRAPPING - WHICH SIZE IS BEST SIZING CHART AND COMMON CARRIES
DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton) 2

DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton)

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An attractive Lisca model  featuring the herringbone pattern in an attractive colour combination. Divided into stripes of dark blue and raw white cotton yarns, the warp interweaves with raw white cotton creating an interplay of dark blue and natural white stripes.
DIDYMOS Lambda (Linen Blend) DIDYMOS Lambda (Linen Blend) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Lambda (Linen Blend)

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An interplay of anthracite cotton and anthracite linen, the elegant Lambda model features an appealing Art Deco style of a repeating, intersecting “fan-line” pattern.
DIDYMOS Double Face... DIDYMOS Double Face... 2
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DIDYMOS Double Face Turquoise-Tussah

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A new addition to the DIDYMOS Double Face line made from a gorgeous blend of turquoise cotton and natural Tussah silk. The Double Face wraps are a two-sided weave.
DIDYMOS Ada Ocean Silk DIDYMOS Ada Ocean Silk  2
Silk Blends

DIDYMOS Ada Ocean (Silk Blend)

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The new DIDYMOS Ada Ocean Silk is woven in a blend of silk and cotton with an approx. fabric weight of 200 g/m2.  Perfect for newborns, toddlers and beyond!
DIDYMOS Moin (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Moin (Org.Cotton) 2
Beautiful Jacquards


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Moin Moin - This is how they say Hello! to you in Germany's Northern parts. Designed for a babywearing group by Anke Pawel. Woven in 100% organic cotton.
DIDYMOS Metro (Tussah Silk) DIDYMOS Metro (Tussah Silk) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Metro Silk

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The Metro model will appeal to all those who like a sleek, modern look. With its abstract geometric pattern woven in a classic combination of black and white, the wrap is an eye-catcher for sure! Blending 70% organic cotton with 30% Schappe silk, the fabric is soft to the touch, yet sturdy. 
DIDYMOS Lisca Northern Light DIDYMOS Lisca Northern Light 2
Birdie's 12 Days of Christmas

DIDYMOS Lisca Northern Light

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Like the dazzling Northern Lights illuminate the northern night skies, the gorgeous colour arrangement of the cotton yarns illuminates the pattern of this beautiful Lisca model. New to Wrapping? Which Size is Best
Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars 2
Stretch Hybrid Wraps

Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars

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The DIDYMOS Jersey Hyrbrid wrap is made from knit fabric of 100% organic cotton and features a double-fold finished hem for optimal support. Cradle your baby in organic comfort. Because it is full width, with finished hems, this wrap can take you well past the baby stage.  Learn more about Didymos Hybrids here. 
DIDYMOS Metro Orly, 100% Organic Cotton DIDYMOS Metro Orly, 100% Organic Cotton 2
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For Summer

DIDYMOS Metro Orly, 100% Organic Cotton

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DIDYMOS Metro is a must for all those who love the classiness and style of this abstract-geometric pattern. Silver grey and pink flow nicely with one another to create a pastel look and bring a shimmering touch to the Metro pattern.
DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend) 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend)

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We are thrilled to offer this lovely PINK Didymos classic pattern in an impressive hemp blend. For anyone that likes hemp blends, pink and thick, then this is a wrap for you! This is the re-release of the well-received version from 2013.
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